RePa-Board is produced in the following standards:

Size, WxL (mm):                    1200×1200, 1200×2400 and 1200×3050. Or to order.
Cell Size (mm):                      10, 16 and on special order also in 8 mm.
Height  (mm):                        10, 16 and 20

RePa-Board panels consist of paper (both new and recycled) and water-based glue. The vertical walls of the honeycomb structure is glued with printable paper on both sides. The size of the cell is essential for the stability of the panel and the compression strength. A panel with small cell size can cope with higher pressure (compression pressure) and has higher stability.

If RePa-Board panels are only to be used for printing, without requirements for pressure and stability, a cell size 16 is usable. If the panel is a part of a large scale structure, with need of higher strength, a smaller cell size is selected. A high (thick) panel also gives higher stability against bending, than a thinner panel.

Honeycomb Cellpacks development department will assist with advice.


7 RePa-Board, paper panels, print panelse, display panels RePa BoardRePa-Board panels come in standard dimensions of 1200×1200 mm, 1200×2400 mm or 1200x3050mm. Or to order. The heights (the thickness of the plate) may be 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm.

6 RePa-Board - paper honeycomb panel for print & display.RaPa-Board is available in different cell sizes, standard 10 mm and 16 mm. On special order also 8 mm.